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Shocking Statements of Jesus pt. 5 - Embrace, Confess, Ask

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"Embrace, Confess, Ask" Andy suggests three steps to spiritual recovery from a broken marriage.

Depend - November 22, 2010

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Depend – November 22, 2010 Many do not depend on Me but on their government, own wealth or men. They never learned to trust Me and to be dependent on Me. That is why so many do not know

"Tu es Petrus'-Motet/Credo~ Apostolic Succession

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Matt. to Rev. - Peter is mentioned 155 times and the rest of apostles combined are only mentioned 130 times. Peter is also always listed first except in 1 Cor. 3:22 and Gal. 2:9 (which are

十一月 17, 2014

New Leadership for CROSS.TV

New Leadership for CROSS.TV

Hello dear friends of CROSS.TV and beyond!  After much consideration and prayer, we have decided to | 更多

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